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Our Story

From humble beginnings to one of BC's most developed adventure parks for all ages

Located 32km west of the mountain city of Revelstoke lies one of western Canada’s most famous attractions: The Enchanted Forest. Since 1960, visitors from all over the world and generations of families have enjoyed the  unique wonder the Forest provides. A stroll through this magnificent area will lead visitors through a hand-built fairy tale wonderland, an educational nature walk, and a chance to climb up BC’s tallest treehouse!

Upon completion of construction of the treehouse, former owner Rocky Ehlers found himself amongst the treetops with an incredible view of the surrounding forest. It was then that his next idea was born: enable patrons to soar through and climb amongst the trees in an adrenaline filled, heart-pounding new perspective of the entire forest.

He started researching canopy walks, ziplines, and other means of tree-top adventures and came across Prisme – a Quebec based Engineering Company with roots in France. Prisme has a great reputation and years of experience in the creation of aerial parks and other complimentary activities.

Rocky hired Veronika Stevenson who was trained and experienced in Adventure Parks operation in Europe. After careful planning, Skytrek Adventure Park opened in the summer of 2008 with the Sky Course as it’s only tourist attraction. Soon after, the park was expanded to create something fun and thrilling for younger guests: the Sky Gym and Adventure Tower were born. Then along same the Kids Sky Adventure, and finally the Sky Lines and Fun Slide were added to the Skytrek experience in 2021. 

SkyTrek Adventure Park’s mission is to provide a fun, active, and exciting experience in a unique outdoor environment. To provide an opportunity for individuals to increase awareness of oneself, test both physical and mental strength, and gain a better understanding of the natural environment. We provide a responsible and safe environment, enjoyable for visitors of all ages.

SkyTrek Adventure Park - Sky Course
High Ropes Aerial Trekking Course - SkyTrek Adventure Park

Our Sister Attraction

Discover the Magic!

Step back in time and into another world, where enchantment is all around you and dreams do come true!  Discover the magical world of The Enchanted Forest.