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Adventure Tower

Various climbing routes and an exhilarating 40ft drop for the whole family!

Climbing Walls

Two climbing walls for you to explore – the jungle wall, and the Skytrek wall – featuring the animals who call Skytrek home, and Zip Lion!

Each wall has three climbing routes with varying levels of difficulty so you can progress your skills as you explore! This is an activity that kids can enjoy, and parents have the option to join in too. Once you’ve signed up for the climbing walls or the Adventure Tower Combo, you get unlimited climbing during your visit to the Adventure Tower, so you can climb for as long as your arms and legs will carry you!

The climbing walls operate on an auto-belay system. Guests are connected at all times to a system that climbs with them. If things get tough and you need to let go, you gently descend to the ground and can try again!

What to expect

Guests will be provided with all safety equipment, including a helmet and harness. A Guide will welcome you to the Adventure Tower area and fit you in a suitable climbing harness. They will explain the rules of the Adventure Tower before you start climbing. Only the Guide  can attach or release guests from the auto-belay or Sky Drop systems for safety reasons. 

A single Sky Drop will take about 10 minutes. To enjoy the Climbing Walls, guests should set aside at least 30 minutes to fully enjoy the experience, and more during peak operational times. 

Who can do it?

In place for all Adventure Tower activities:

Sky Drop

Looking for more thrills? The Sky drop lets you base jump from a 12m/40ft high platform in a controlled free fall!