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Amenities & Common Questions


Skytrek Adventure Park as all the amenities you need to enjoy a day with us:

Common Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

We highly recommend reservations for the only attraction we take reservations and advance purchase for – the Sky Course! It takes 1-3 hours to complete, and groups start every 30 minutes. Making a reservation will ensure you get to start at your specified time without having to wait for the next available time slot. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your reservation time and come prepared to begin.

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Yes! Well behaved pets on leash and with their human at all times are more than welcome in our park. We love meeting your furry family members!

› Sky Course: there is no minimum age, only a minimum reach requirement of 5’6″ (palm of hand) for accompanied guests, or palm of hand reach 6ft for unaccompanied. The maximum weight for the Sky Course is 250lbs (113kg).

  • Sky Lines: minimum palm of hand reach 4’6″ (137cm), maximum weight 250lbs

› Kids Sky Adventure: the minimum age is 5 years old, minimum height of 3ft7″ (110 cm), maximum height of 4ft7″ (140cm) and a maximum weight of 120lbs (55 kg).

› Sky Gym: the minimum age is 2 years old up to a maximum of 12 years old.

› Adventure Tower: the minimum age is 5 years old, minimum weight of 45lbs (20kg) and the maximum weight is 250lbs (113kg).

Fun Slide: minimum age 2 years

The Sky Course can take anywhere between 1-3hrs depending on your personal fitness level, how comfortable you are with heights, as well as how many other people are on the course at the same time as you. July and August our busiest months, so plan to spend at least two hours on the Sky Course, likely more time than that around midday.

We recommend wearing comfortable outdoor clothing, appropriate for the weather (heat, rain, etc). Comfortable, closed toe shoes are required (no sandals or Crocs), runners are best. Gloves are recommended but optional, and we do sell gloves onsite. They make a great souvenir, and are useful for biking! Do not wear jewelry such as long earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings etc. Please ensure long hair is tied back.

You do not have to be an Olympic athlete to enjoy SkyTrek Adventure Park! Although it is not called a “Challenge Course” for nothing! It involves mental and physical challenges. With three difficulty levels within the Sky Course, you can choose how far you want to go. We welcome guests of all different experiences and ability levels, and everyone has fun! There are optional exits throughout the course, and there will always be a fully trained Guide to help on every activity you or your child participates in.

The Sky Course starts low, and then gets higher as you continue through the green, blue, black, and double black sections. The highest part of the course is 40 feet off the ground!

The Kids Sky Adventure ranges from 6-10ft off the ground. The Adventure Tower is 40ft high at the top (the Sky Drop is a 40ft freefall!) The Sky Gym ranges from 5-10ft off the ground.

There are exit points throughout our courses that your Guide will highlight for you. If you are in the middle of the course and do not want to continue, one of our experienced guides will come up and lower you to the ground.

SkyTrek Adventure Park provides participants with a harness, helmet, and all necessary safety equipment. Our professionally trained guides will demonstrate and teach you how to use the equipment and how to participate in all activities safely and successfully.

You may choose to bring some snug gloves to wear for the Sky Course and/or purpose made rock climbing shoes for the rock wall at the Adventure Tower.

Yes. All of our activities, including the Sky Gym, require closed toe shoes – no sandals or Crocs.

Up to 4 youths (under 15’s) must be accompanied by an adult on the course. Youths have to stay in a 3 game radius to each other.

Yes, a parent/guardian must stay in the area while you enjoy the activities.

Adventure sport activities have risks and all participants are required to sign a Release of Liability Agreement. Participants under 19 years of age will also need a parent / guardian to sign their waiver. You can sign it online now and gain time on your visit!

Your friends and family members (including on-leash pets!) are welcome to join you. They can walk, observe, and support you from the designated walking trails below our courses. There is no fee to enter Skytrek Adventure Park property, but you must pay and fill out a waiver before participating in any activity. 

Yes! Skytrek is open in the rain, seven days per week. Lightning  and strong winds can affect our operations due to safety, but they are a rare occurrence. If there’s a lightning or wind storm that poses a threat to the safety of our guests and operations, we have evacuation procedures. The storms in this area usually pass very quickly and once it’s clear and deemed safe, guests can return to their activity. 

As the Sky Course can take anywhere between 1-3hrs, we usually take our last group 2-3 hours before closing. Although it is best to arrive earlier to ensure you have plenty of time to finish the course, and to make a reservation. In July and August, we advise you to come in the morning to ensure you’ll have enough time to complete the course.

For all other activities, try to arrive at least 2 hours prior to closing to make the most of your visit to SkyTrek Adventure Park – you should be able to do at least a couple of activities (other than the Sky Course) in two hours.

Yes! Group rates apply for groups of 10 or more participants. Group rates are only available during the months of May, June, and September, and must be booked in advance. Please e-mail for group rates and details!

We require at least 24 hours notice to cancel reservations. We can always move your reservation to a different time slot or a different day to accommodate your schedule. 

Yes, we sell gift certificates for monetary amounts and for specific activities.

Yes! Inside our reception lodge, we sell a small selection of prepared sandwiches, snacks such as chips, chocolate bars, and pepperoni sticks, and ice cream. We also sell bottled water, pop, and Powerade.

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